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Time To Think About You For a Change

Are you that person that has dreams on the shelf?

Do you feel like life is just passing you by?

Do you feel stuck? You need these 5 strategies!!

Well, it could be in the way you're thinking!!!

When I was younger, I allowed the opinions of others to plague my thoughts, I allowed the actions of others to shape my thinking, and I allowed my surroundings and circumstances to dictate my future.

I was bullied in school growing up. As an adult, I was bullied at work and at home. There was no safe place for my dreams to be nourished and grow. I found myself feeling hopeless and felt no one understood.

Then, one day I went into prayer and began to ask for guidance on how I could move from being stuck to progress. What I found was I needed strategies in place if I wanted to be FREE from my negative thoughts. 

TODAY......I'm going to give you the 5 strategies that helped me get my mind back on track!!

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To your best mental health,

Dr. K. Olivia Packer