Open Concept Living

I was sitting watching HGTV (home improvement channel for those who've never watched)....

I started thinking about how most of the homebuyers are looking for the open concept living...

  • They want to feel connected as a family.
  • They want a certain flow to their home.
  • They want to maximize the potential use of the square footage (or space).

So, you know me....I thought about it in terms of our minds....

In order to have open concept living in terms of our minds, we need to:

  • Be connected to the Source of our creativity and to the Source of our answers (revelation knowledge).
  • Be able to flow without giving way to the distractions of our past as well as the triggers in our present.
  • Maximizing our potential...we don't want a mind bogged down with garbage (negative or contrary thoughts or thought patterns) that will hinder forward movement.

And yes, I'm always thinking of ways to remove what doesn't serve me and my forward movement. I want my mind open to receive all that God has for me, and I want that for you, too.

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