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May 2018


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Mind Detox

Its a wonderful experience to listen/learn FLOW 10 and actually apply these principles to my life daily. Dr Packer is really changing lives with these 10 principles and my life is changing for the better. We are conquering those Destiny Killers!!!! You had to be a part of the webinar to know that term 

                      ~~Cristina L.


28 April 2018

Flowing Into Greatness Workshop

Location: TBA

10 am to 1 pm

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20 March 2018

FLOW10: Emotional Detox @ 8pm

"Have you ever met a person who assisted you in transitioning your entire mindset on life and helped you discover capabilities you never knew you had? When I say God brings people in your life for a reason the first person that comes to mind is K Olivia Packer. She's educated, fashionable, funny, dependable and responds to any call of action with the utmost poise & grace.

Monique J.

Owner of One Small Room

What People Are Saying...

I appreciate who you are, your business savvy, your gentle yet stern disposition and so much more. There's nothing like having a friend uniquely created to be an expression of God's multi-breasted nature.

                      ~~Michelle M.


When you know that your thoughts are more centered on what has happened to you, than where you're headed...you need a mind detox.

When you can't control your emotions...you need a mind detox.

When you know you have all you need to proceed and seize the next opportunity, yet your feet feel like they're cemented to the ground....you need a mind detox.

When you get the opportunity to do something to help others, but you shy away because of fear....you need a mind detox.

When you get started towards your destiny, you encounter a bump in the road, and you become so discouraged that you give up on your dream altogether....you need a mind detox.